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    Chinanews, Beijing, July 28 – China's equipment manufacturing industry is among the top in the world. By introducing foreign technologies, absorbing these technologies and making innovations, China's self-innovation ability has kept improving. The industrial scale of China now ranks fourth in the world.
    Recently, Sinoma International Engineering Co. Ltd. won the bid for setting up a cement production line, with a daily production output of 4,000 tons, for a US company in Florida. This is the first time for Chinese cement production equipment to enter into the US market. China won the bid mainly because the cement equipment made in China met the strict requirements set by US in its energy consumption and emission standards.
    During the first half of this year, Sinoma International Engineering Co. Ltd. had signed contracts with foreign companies with a total contractual value of 1 billion US dollars, twice the amount of the contractual value for the same period last year. China has moved an important step forward in that it can export a complete set of its technological equipment to developed countries now, while in the past, such export was restricted to developing countries only, said Wang Wei, president of the Sinoma International Engineering Co. Ltd.
    The computer numerical control machine is high-grade products among all types of machines. The production of computer numerical control machines in China increased by 33% this year from last year. China is now able to produce more than 10,000 computer numerical control machines every month, making it a large country in the world in the production of computer numerical control machine, said Cai Weici, executive chairman of the China Mechanical Industry Association.
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